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The Grey Strategic Digital Marketing Audit is the most comprehensive audit an analysis that we offer our clients. This is for those that already have an established website, at least 3 months history of digital marketing campaigns, and would like to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, lower costs, and reach a larger audience.

The Digital Marketing Audit delves into the front and backend of a company’s digital presence. Grey Strategic analyses both what the customer/end-user sees plus the internal technology assets that are driving the campaigns.

Each Digital Marketing Audit contains up to 5 different subsections:

  • Web Analytics& Heat Mapping
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Summary Analysis and Actionable Recommendations

Each section (covered in further detail below) analyses one of the key components of your digital marketing and provides insight into your current strengths, your current limitations, and most importantly, actionable recommendations for how you can enhance your campaigns and reduce costs.

The audit report itself is an important document that is useful for executive decision makers, sales professionals, marketers, and external stakeholders. The audit does not require the reader to have an advanced technical background. All technical terminology is plainly explained and accompanied by clear, real-world examples.

If you are interested in beginning a full Digital Marketing Audit, please contact us to request a quote. If you would like to read more about each of the subsections, further details are included below.

Web Analytics& Heat Mapping

All Grey Strategic digital audits begin with a review of your website’s web analytics data. Web analytics platforms operate in the background of a website to track and collect data about visitors and their online activity. This data is extremely valuable to a company whose business includes online elements because it allows administrators to make informed decisions about a website’s content, design, conversions and sales, performance, and crucial data for market research.

Compared to the web analytics analysis that many agencies typically offer, we go one step further by showing you detailed heat mapping reports. Heat mapping allows you to see exactly what elements on your website are getting the most visual attention. This helps you to understand where you should be placing your most important content, call-to-action buttons, links, or graphic design elements.

Web Analytics & Heat Mapping is first and largest section of the Digital Marketing Audit because it provides transparent, measureable data about how effectively your website ‘fits’ into your business objectives. Web analytics is the central hub for all the different spokes of company’s digital marketing. Whether it’s social media, search engine advertising, 3rd party display advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, online press releases, or partnership networks, all of their impact can be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively using web analytics.

Digital Advertising

This section of the Digital Marketing Audit will look at the impact of on-going search engine marketing and social media advertising campaigns, their effectiveness, reach, return on investment, and any elements that are falling short of business objectives.

Digital advertising is a useful and very affordable way of generating more website traffic and sales leads. Unlike print advertisements, digital campaigns are completely trackable. This allows us to see ad performance data such as how many visitors are being attracted, how many are converting into sales, what visitors are looking for when they begin their search, and how much it’s costing per additional visitor engagement.

This section of the Digital Marketing Audit will assess your current keyword strategy, advertising, bidding structure, conversion funnels, technology as well as identify any past or on-going trends within your digital campaign.

Email Marketing

At the most fundamental level, email marketing is the use of email technologies to send promotional emails, newsletters, or notifications. However, the technologies that send, track, and block emails continue to become more sophisticated. Alongside, the approach to email marketing strategies and campaigns has changed dramatically over the past 5 years with the ability to easily track what a recipients ‘does’ while reading an email, increased attention given to template design, and the ability to track an email’s impact on website or any other digital space.

For most businesses, email marketing is usually the first channel used for digital marketing because the learning curve is gentle. Depending on the product or services, email marketing campaigns also tend to have a high ROI because of the affordable price of advanced email technologies and the role it plays in qualifying recipients for follow up sales initiatives.

This section of the Digital Marketing Audit will look at the current role of email marketing, how it is being used, audience/database growth, return on investment, any elements that are falling short of business objectives.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) subsection deconstructs how a search engine views your website and your content when calculating the ranking on a search results page.

We frequently receive the question “When I search online, why doesn’t my website appear on the first page? I want my website to be on the top!” After all, websites with higher ranking receive more visitor traffic. And for most companies, more traffic translates into more inquiries, more sales, and more revenue. This section of the digital marketing audit will help you to understand why you are not ranking as well as you would like. More importantly, it will show you what you need to do in order to improve that ranking through SEO.

Summary Analysis and Actionable Recommendations

The summary analysis is a breakdown of all the KPIs typically used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing as it relates to a business. Each KPI is accompanied by brief explanation as to how it’s measured, real-world examples, as well as the numbers and percentages for what would be considered positive targets for your business and industry.

Together, this subsection serves as reference material. For any individuals that are interested in developing their digital marketing skills and improving their approach to sales (both online and off), these KPIs will help them to better track on-going efforts and to devise better campaigns in the future.

The final subsection of the Digital Marketing Audit is arguably the most important parts of the report. Grey Strategic will deconstruct all of the report’s data, trends, technologies, strengths and limitations and instruct you on what steps can be taken to begin immediately improving and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns using our actionable recommendations.

These recommendations will relate to internal company processes, campaign management, online budget allocation and spending, beta testing new initiatives, market research, how technology assets can be used to their full potential, and guides for how your organization can continue to monitor campaign performance in the future.

To begin immediately improving your digital marketing, begin your complete Digital Marketing Audit. To start, please use our quotation form. If you have any questions or would like additional information, just let us know.