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In an increasingly competitive business environment, your company’s online presence is a crucial asset.

Through our Strategic Digital Consulting, we work closely with your team to craft aholistic Digital Marketing Strategy that covers all of the elements needed to expand your brand’s presence, increase your audience, and engage with your customers.

Content Creation:

Best practices for planning and creating new content to be used on the website, social media, and all other digital environments.

Content Management Systems and Processes:

Tools for managing new and existing content, updates, content scheduling. Management processes and best practices for in-house digital marketing teams and 3rd party contributors to online initiatives.

Data Mining and Research:

Tools and methods for collecting more actionable data on your own digital marketing initiatives or your competitors. Use this to improve your for digital marketing, sales, public relations, and strategic partnerships.

Email Marketing:

Best practices for creating email marketing campaigns, designing email marketing templates, building mailing lists, and optimizing campaign performance.

Knowledge Retention and Security:

How to best manage sensitive company information including analytics data, mailing lists, login permissions, passwords, and customer information.

New Initiatives:

New initiatives to expand your brand’s digital marketing coverage and audience engagement. The products, services, and values of your company are always taken into consideration for determining which avenues to explore with each proposed initiative tailored to your brand.

New Technologies:

Technologies that can be integrated into your digital marketing or website infrastructure to help manage day-to-day tasks, monitor the progress of team members, and increase efficiency.

Digital Advertising:

Channels for digital advertising to help you increase website traffic, drive sales, and raise brand awareness among online audiences in both local and global settings. May include major channels like Google, Bing, and Yahoo or social media advertising channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization:

Fundamentals for creating a SEO keyword strategy, website architecture, link building, and writing new online content with SEO in mind.

Social Media:

Improved management practices for managing social media spaces like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Weibo. Guides on how top optimize the creation and management of new content, creating synergy between different social media channels to deliver the maximum impact.

Team Development and HR:

Skill training and team development techniques to improve the efficiency of digital marketing teams and the management of in-house and external contributors.

Website Design:

Improvements to website design,speed, functionality, and backend administration.

Once your Digital Marketing Plan is completed we will show you how to begin implementing new items and help your team to completely understand the components contained inside. Digital Marketing Plans are intended to provide your company with the information it needs to do digital marketing internally and at reduced costs.