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Grey Strategic strengthens digital presence for businesses and organizations through digital marketing. As a digital agency, we can enable you to deliver innovative new promotions and sales lead acquisitions through search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media advertising, and AB testing, and web project management.

Overview of Digital Marketing

If you are a marketing or sales professional, you have probably heard a lot of terminology and jargon surrounding digital marketing. Terms like SEO, SEM, EDM, PPC, PPM, ABTesting, with hundreds more that seemingly appear every 6 months.

At Grey Strategic, we recommend digital marketing to everyone because of one key element – transparency. Every interaction between you and your customers or clients can be tracked, logged, and reported upon. Your return on investment is easy to understand and the reasonable costs associated with digital marketing make it affordable for almost every business.

Grey Strategic is not against traditional marketing methods – they can be great – but only if they generate demonstrable results and are affordable. A common example is print advertising. Depending on the publication, print advertising can be extremely expensive. A full-page ad in one issue of a magazine or a daily newspaper can quickly use up your marketing budget or cost you tens of thousands of dollars each year. And in the end, it is difficult, usually impossible, to measure what sort of impact this advertisement had on your sales. How many people saw the ad? How many people contacted you because of the ad? Did the ad lead to a sale? What was the return on your investment? How did it contribute towards brand lift? It is precisely because of these questions that we encourage organizations to adopt digital marketing strategies and expand their online channels.

Digital marketing campaigns can be tracked. You can see how many people viewed your campaign, where and when it was delivered, and how many people in your audience returned to become customers.

Grey Strategic can provide digital marketing solutions for any industry including non-profits and the public sector.

We specialize in serving B2B, eCommerce, and corporate clients and can help manage your digital marketing campaigns. As a fully digital agency, we can craft a complete digital marketing strategy or help you to integrate the tools to engage an online audience.

If you already have a direction in mind, read more about our services for search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, AB and multivariate testing, social media advertising, or search engine optimization (SEO).