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AB and Multivariate Testing are somewhat like real time focus group session. It helps you to determine if your website is leading to the best possible performance in terms of sales, user activity, and ease of use based on the feedback of your users.
However, unlike a focus group, you do not need to actually ask any questions to your visitors, collecting their feedback is much simpler than that.
In an AB or multivariate test, we create an additional design of one or more of your website’s pages. Usually, these are important pages to your organization, such as a registration form or a shopping cart checkout page. We can identify which of your pages are not leading to positive results at a rate you expect or whose performance is below the site average.
Once a design is prepared, we launch the two pages side-by-side in a blind visitor experiment. When users visit the page being tested, they are shown one of the two alternate designs. Meanwhile, their activity is being tracked and logged.

After sampling has been collected over a sufficient period of time (usually 1 month), Grey Strategic will provide you with AB report detailing the performance of each page. This provides you with definitive answers about how subtle design changes can dramatically improve your website. You will be able to see which version of a page performs better.

With AB testing, you can continuously optimize your website.

In fact, you can repeat this procedure on the same page or on different pages, as many times as you would like. Each time, we provide you with the data on how to improve your site, again and again, until you reach the state of a perfectly performing website.

For example, you can optimize pages on your site to:

  • Increase Inquiries
  • Increase Subscriptions to Mailing Lists
  • Increase Account Registrations
  • Increases Purchases
  • Increase Click-Throughs to Deeper Pages
  • Increase Time Spent on the Page
  • Reduce exit rates
  • Reduce bounces

AB testing is an affordable way to increase sales, improve user experience, and lower bounce rates by understanding your user’s online activity and where your conversion bottlenecks are.

To try an AB test on your current website, fill out our online quotation form and let us know which pages on your website you would like to improve performance.