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Grey Strategic provides a full suite of solutions for search engine marketing (SEM) including integration of SEM technologies with your website, management of your SEM campaigns, strategic support for optimizing campaigns and budget resource allocation, as well as comprehensive SEM audits for clients that have already adopted search engine marketing as part of their digital strategy but are looking to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Overview of Search Engine Marketing / SEM

Sometimes referred to as search advertising, search engine advertising, PPC advertising, or PPC marketing, search engine marketing, is a marketing approach for attracting potential customers through paid advertisements and links served online within search engines or website banners.

Search engine marketing ads most often appear alongside search results. The keyword used within searches triggers the advertisement. This way, ads are more relevant to what is being searched for. For advertisers, this ensures that their ad content that is appearing at the appropriate time and in the appropriate space. For example, if you were to search for “law firm in Calgary”, advertisements would appear for law firms in Calgary.

Affordable Digital Marketing

Search engine marketing is a useful, and usually quite affordable way of generating website traffic and sales leads since most SEM campaigns are pay-per-click (PPC). This means that an advertiser only needs to pays when their ad gets clicked. Unlike fixed banner ads or many traditional advertising methods, costs are based on performance. There are no weekly, monthly, or quarterly fees. This can reduces advertising costs while also limiting your exposure to risks.
This is dramatically different from most traditional print advertisements because there are no upfront fees or costs unless an audience actually responds to the ad.

Accountability and Tracking

Unlike print advertisements, digital campaigns are completely accountable as all results and data are tracked. This allows advertisers to see ad performance data such as how many visitors are being attracted, how many are converting into sales, what visitors are looking for when they begin their search, and how much it’s costing a company for one additional visitor engagement.

This emphasis on accountability is perfect for organizations that need to keep a close record of how their budgets are being sent. Search engine marketing is good for those that need to set targets for key performance indicators.

Local and Global Marketing Coverage

Depending on your target audience, SEM campaigns tend to perform much better than traditional advertising.

Even the most enthusiastic magazine readers don’t spend their entire day reading an issue whereas most working professionals do spend up to 6 hours a day or more online.

Search engine marketing exponentially increases the number of opportunities to place your brand in front of potential customers. This, coupled with global reach allows your company to effectively market itself around the world or target audiences by city.

To begin using search engine marketing within your organization, request a quote or contact us to learn how Grey StrategicSEM campaign management services can benefit you.