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The background of our team is heavily influenced by web design and development. Understanding how a website is designed and built is crucial to delivering online marketing solutions.

For some of our clients, particularly those entering into online marketing for the first time, they may lack a web presence or their existing website doesn’t adequately represent their organization to the calibre their customers expect. As part of our services, we can assist you by managing the design and development of new websites or the updating of existing websites.

All of our web projects are priced competitively and transparently. At Grey Strategic, we strongly dislike hidden costs, which is why we’ll show you exactly how much your website will cost from start to finish. Should the scope of your project change or expand before completion, we’re happy to work with you on future phases or iterations – allowing your site to grow organically and become more sophisticated over time.

Update an Existing Website

Your website is one of the most important representations of your brand online. For some companies, it might even be the only brand contact point that potential customers and clients see before they walk through your doors or decide to make a purchase. Ensuring that website is easy to use, attractive, and reliable is necessary for every organization. Keep your website up to date as your products or services expand and your company grows.

For example, you might be considering new updates to improve the functionality and performance of your current site:

  • Add New Languages
  • Add New Features and Functionality
  • Add New Content
  • Update Existing Content
  • Update Product Catalogues
  • Improve Website Speed
  • Reduce Loading Time
  • Reduce Spam

Have an in-house web team? Already working with a web development company? No problem. We can work directly with third party web solutions providers to ensure that what they’re producing is bringing you closer to fulfilling business objectives.

Our digital marketing experts have years of experience working with design and development teams of every variety. We are happy to work with both in-house and outsourced teams, or,we can help you to find entirely new teams for those looking to reduce costs or improve delivery quality.

Original Web Design

Every brand should participate in the design of their website. While that might sound like common sense, a lot of website’s are built with little or no input from company stakeholders. When Grey Strategic designs a new website we start by consulting with the most important elements of your organization; key decision makers, sales, marketing and communications, human resources, IT support, and customer relations. A successful website needs to fulfill business objectives – and if it doesn’t – it’s not doing its job. Websites designed by Grey Strategic are more than just beautiful; they’re carefully built with sales in mind.

If you already have a specific web designer in mind, just let us know. Grey Strategic can work with either in-house or 3rd party designers to ensure that your website’s design is actively contributing towards the development of your brand and follows best practices for driving online sales goals.

Unsure whether your existing website design is effectively tailored to your business objectives? Allow us to run an AB Test and know for sure. We can test an unlimited number of variables to determine what elements of a website’s design are doing their job or are slipping past your audience unseen.

Cost-Effective Web Development

Through our development team in Shanghai, Grey Strategic offers affordable web development solutions for both existing and new web projects. We have extensive experience working within WordPress, Drupal, and Magento content management systems. For each web project, we will help you to understand which system is best suited to your organization based upon your unique needs, required functionalities, and visitor profile.

We work almost exclusively with open source technologies.We don’t believe in locking down our clients with closed, expensive technologies, we prefer to equip out client with the tools that will allow them to manage their website independently. Open source technologies enjoy the benefits of high flexibility, free upgrades, stability, and security.

If you already have designs prepared or if you are in the process of completing the design on your website, let us know. We develop your website using your current designs.Once your designs are ready, we can finish the rest and transforms them into a live, highly functional website. With all of our web projects, the client retains ownership of all final source code and admin logins.