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If your audience can find your website, then your website can’t do it’s job. Search engine optimization (SEO) solves that problem by increasing your ranking on search engine results pages and increasing your visibility online.


Grey Strategic offers SEO management to elevate the rankings for your website. If you are faced with online competitors that consistently rank higher than you for your target keywords, we provide competitor SEO analysis to help you surpass them as well as SEO audits to determine why your site is not securing rankings.

Overview of Search Engine Optimization / SEO

SEO is for websites that want to become more visible to internet during searches. SEO is the process of improving elements both on-site and off-site so that in searches your website will rank higher or even rank multiple times. For example, if your business is Real Estate Agent ABC, you probably already rank for the search “Real Estate Agent ABC”, which is good, but that implies that someone already knows your name. SEO is for you to rank for search terms like “Calgary real estate agent”, “Calgary apartment”, or “house in Calgary”. SEO helps to improve rankings for multiple keywords and increase the visibility of your websites, brand, products and services.

    • Rank Higher for your Services and Products: Like the above example illustrates, it is important that your website appears in relevant searches. Just ranking for your company’s name or brand is not enough. For B2B and eCommerce websites, it is especially important that you can naturally rank for the keywords that people use to describe your services or products. Getting your services or products on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) is valuable to the success of your business online.


    • Become more Visible: In addition to improving your websites relevancy and appearance for product or services keywords, a site that has had professional SEO will also receive increased traffic. Expect more visitors to your website. With increased visibility, your site will be discovered by an increasing number of people during their searches online. More traffic means more inquiries and sales.


    • Outrank Competitors: The online world is one more battleground between you and your competitors. If your competitor’s website is consistently ranking higher than yours for products, services, or even the name of your company then their website’s SEO is leading to more visitor traffic and potential sales opportunities. Change that with SEO. Through a combination of our professional SEO management services and competitor audits, Grey Strategic will help you to rise above them.


  • Improve your Website: Often times, the changes delivered through SEO will also improve the user experience for your customers. Help them to navigate through your site more quickly so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. Improve the organization of your content so that visitors can learn about the expertise of your company and make informed decisions on why they should do business with you.

To begin increasing your site traffic, search ranking, and online visibility request a quote for the search engine optimization services that best match your objectives.