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Some companies and industries face serious competition online. While your business might do well face-to-face, there could be dozens of other websites that are competing for the attention of your online audience.

If another website is ranking higher than you for your keywords or even ranking higher for your company or brand name, then it is time to revaluate your online SEO strategy and to begin competitor SEO analysis and review.

Similar to the Grey Strategic SEO audits, competitor SEO analysis and review is a thorough, detailed investigation into your competitor’s website and global online presence. Grey Strategic will dig through your competitor’s website to see what steps they are currently taking to secure higher search engine rankings.

The competitor SEO analysis and review will outline the strengths and limitations of the competitor website(s) including, but not limited to:

  • Keyword Strategy: What keywords are your competitors are focusing on? Are there any keywords that your company would gain an advantage by adding?

  • Rankings: Which keywords or search queries are my competitors ranking for? Who are my biggest online competitors?

  • Content: What pages or which types of content are my competitors focusing on? What are they providing visitors that my site does not?

  • Authority: Is my competitor’s site being considered as an expert source of information by search engines? How can I improve the authority of my company as an online expert?

  • Best Practices: Is their website following all of the industry best practices? Does their site show any signs of having received support from an SEO professional?

  • Unethical SEO: Is the competitor’s site is using unethical SEO techniques? If so, how can I call attention to this? Can I get their ranking reduced or their site removed from indexes entirely?

  • Traffic Sources: Where do my competitor’s visitors come from online? Which online networks are they a part of? Which of these sources can I draw traffic from for my own site?

  • Tools: Is my competitor’s website using any technologies or online tools to help improve their SEO? What technologies or tools can my website use?

Use Grey Strategic competitor SEO analysis and review to become more competitive online. To begin improving your competitive edge, complete our quotation request form. A Grey Strategic team member will contact you shortly for any additional details and to brief you on our SEO services.

All competitor SEO analysis and review services are 100% confidential. Given the importance and value of this information, Grey Strategic is committed to non-disclosure and we are more than happy to sign off on any privacy agreements that your organization requires. It is for this reason that we cannot provide clients with “samples” of our competitor SEO analysis or SEO audits. All information gathered during research is completely private and secure.