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Grey Strategic can implement keyword and search engine optimization strategies for any website. Depending on the level of SEO services you select, Grey Strategic can deliver positive results in your website’s traffic within 1 to 3 months of beginning to optimize your site. SEO will help your website to become more visible online and will increase the amount of organic search traffic that you receive.

When implementing an SEO strategy for a website, our work focuses on two main sets of optimization, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Grey Strategic only uses ‘white hat’ approaches to SEO. This means that we only follow industry best practices and do not use spam methods for unnaturally increasing your search rankings. While white hat approaches can sometimes require more time before noticeable increases in traffic occur, these best practices ensure that your website is not punished by major search engines for spamming. In the long run, this is always in your best interest. Black hat techniques are highly frowned upon by search engines. If your website is discovered (or reported) to be using spam methods, you might discover that your website is removed from search engine results entirely. As SEO professionals, Grey Strategic will always steer you in the right direction so that your website gets the best possible results.

The first main set of optimization is on-page SEO. This is usually the first step in increasing your ranking on search engine results pages. There are roughly 100 different variables within a website that can be optimized according to your keyword strategy.

If this is your company’s first time doing SEO, the process is similar to preparing to sell a house or an apartment. Your home (or in this case, your website) is already built, but you need to make it more attractive for potential buyers or for real-estate agents that will help you to sell it. This may require little things such as tidying up, replacing old light bulbs, and making the bed or bigger changes like new plumbing, changing some of the furniture, or repainting. But at the end of the day, if your purpose is to sell, then all of these changes can make an enormous difference. It is the same thing for a website. By making small changes or big changes (in the right places, of course), you can raise the value of your website in the eyes of search engines and make it visible for potential visitors. While a home or an apartment is in a specific neighbourhood, district, or city, your website is global. It can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. That’s why SEO is so important to a website, particularly in competitive industries.

To begin optimizing your on-page SEO variables, Grey Strategic will require access to the backend of your website. Alternatively, we can work with your company’s IT or web administration to begin putting through all of the SEO changes based on your keyword strategy.

The second set of optimization is off-page SEO. These are the elements of search engine optimization that impact your site’s rankings and visibility that are determined by external websites. This includes link building and online presence development. Simply put, off-page SEO is about making sure that you have as many websites and articles pointing to your website as possible.

To continue using the example of selling a house or an apartment, off-page SEO is similar to building a network of companies or people that endorse your offer to sell the property. These endorsements help search engines to calculate your ranking. When search engines see that external website are linking to yours, it is like a vote of confidence. If your property were being shown by a lot of different agencies or if magazines were writing articles about your home, it would be a clear sign for potential buyers that your place is a good investment and a hot investment. For search engines, if a lot of companies or people are connecting to your website, it informs the search engine that you are more relevant and trustworthy. Not only does this help to increase ranking but this will also increase inbound traffic through these links.

However, before you head off to start building as many inbound links as possible, please note that there are best practices that need to be followed. Failure to understand link building and online presence development can end up wasting your time and money. Grey Strategic includes link building and online presence development as part of our SEO management services to help your organization save resources and to increase the turnaround of positive results for your website.