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Grey Strategic can equip your business with all of the tools it needs for email marketing. We can integrate email marketing with any website as well as support your marketing through campaign management, the design of your EDM campaigns, as well as assist you to build your contact database so that you can send campaigns out to a greater number of targeted addresses. For those looking to optimize their existing email marketing, our digital marketing audits will show you which elements can be improved to meet business objectives and how to reduce your total email marketing costs.

Overview of Email Marketing / EDM

Sometimes referred to as email direct marketing (EDM), email marketing is your ability to send both newsletters or promotional emails to your contact database of email addresses or to 3rd party lists in which the recipients have opted-in to receive mails.

Newsletters and email marketing campaigns are ideal for organizations that want to promote new services, new products, or want to send out mass notifications to keep their network informed about events and opportunities. Email marketing maintains a clear line of communication between you and your customers.

While email marketing might not seem very novel, after all, nearly every sales and marketing professional understands how to send emails to their database, but what many are not aware of is how far the technologies behind email marketing have improved over the last 6 years. Grey Strategic uses only the latest and most reliable platforms to send, manage, and track your email marketing campaigns. If your organization is still sending mass emails by Bcc’ing your mailing list on Outlook, your results will never reach their full potential.

Grey Strategic email marketing integration and campaign management services provide a significant advantage over the plain text, old-fashioned approach to email marketing.

  • Build Mailing Lists: By connecting email marketing directly to your website, you can reduce the amount of time spent on organizing, updating, and managing your mailing lists. Subscriptions and inquiries on the website will automatically connect to your email marketing. No more dull data entry on excel sheets. Plus, our platforms will automatically confirm email address with the recipients, remove dead email addresses, and keep track of list growth rates.

  • Accountability: Like all of Grey Strategic digital marketing solutions, our email marketing campaigns is fully accountable. Every action is tracked. From the creation of a new email, an update to a mailing list, and the successes of your campaign are all recorded and reported on. See how many people opened your email, which country your recipients are located in, how many are clicking on your links, and which links they are clicking on. Your sales teams can qualify leads before making dreaded cold calls by seeing who has already taken the first step in learning about your products, services, or company background.

  • Ease of Use: With intuitive, easy to use dashboards and menu options, anyone can learn how to effectively use email marketing technology. Whether you have a dedicated marketing department, a nation wide sales team, or just some interns – everything is easy.

  • AB and Multivariate Testing: Optimize your campaigns every step of the way. Test which sending names, titles, and content is generating the best results and use this data to improve your campaign performance. Through AB and multivariate testing, your email marketing can deliver the highest possible results.

  • Analytics and ROI: Connect your email marketing campaigns directly to your web analytics. See how they impact your site traffic, inquiries, and sales. Use this data to measure the return on investment from your digital marketing, calculate budgets, and plan your long-term strategy.

  • Design: Customizable, beautiful EDM designs. Improve the quality of your email marketing campaigns by using custom designed HTML emails. We design original, flexible EDM templates for your organization or brand. Display more content, improve click through rates, and deliver attractive emails that your users will appreciate.

To begin immediately using email marketing within your organization, contact us and request a quote to learn how Grey Strategic can improve your email communication channels.